Prestige Great Acres Amenities

Prestige Great Acres Lawn Area
Prestige Great Acres Gym
Prestige Great Acres Outdoor Gym
Prestige Great Acres Jogging Track

  • Club House
  • Outdoor Courts
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jogging Track
  • Billiards & Games Room
  • Table Tennis
  • Party Area
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Spa & Sauna
  • Kids Play Area

Prestige Great Acres is a large township project with a mixed group of housing fashion. The Prestige Great acres has got many luxurious amenities in the township.

Prestige Great acres has a massive clubhouse with multi-functional decks. Central areas and landscaped areas are present in the township to feel fresh in our everyday routine.

There is a long stretch jogging/walking track developed around the periphery to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

The multipurpose hall is well crafted with luxury and comfort. This hall could be used for many purposes, such as community meetings, any training classes such as dance, music, or any other types of coaching classes.

The amphitheatre is present in the Prestige Great acres. This turns out to be the environment's best delight. Many cultural, sports activities could be conducted inside the community using this space. Amphitheatres are basically designed in a circular or oval shape with a tier of seats designed for the spectators. There will be a central space in the theater enclosed by the tier of spectacular seats. In that main space, any performer would carry out their tasks.

There is a beautiful lawn present in the Prestige incredible acres. This space could be used in many ways, right from hosting open birthday parties, get-togethers, photo sessions and many more.

There is a large tennis court designed on the premises to activate our fundamental tennis skills. We all want to work out every day and think we should be hitting the fitness academy tomorrow, but we wouldn't be able to due to priority management. But this is just inside the Prestige incredible acres gated community. So the lifestyle changes to be healthy here. The project is more customer-centric and designed with all good soul and body fitness decks.

The half basketball court is another tangible activity deck in the premises. Kids play area is designed with utmost safety and care. And at the same time has got all advanced equipment to excite the kids.

Prestige Great Acres has a large swimming pool. There are exclusive kids swimming pools and adults swimming pools designed as a matter of safety and pleasure.

Net cricket, people who follow and are die-hard fans of cricket can enjoy the game just at your premises. Kids would love this space.

The Skating rink is another enthralling activity area for the kids. In this competitive world, kids should be exploring all the sports activities to build confidence in them.

Excluding these decks, as mentioned earlier, there is a clubhouse that houses many indoor activities such as gym, spa and sauna and many more coming up in this dazzling property.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any club house and what are the amenities provided in Prestige Great Acres?

Yes. The project comprises a splendid clubhouse with ample number of indoor and outdoor facilities. The development is complimented by a fully equipped club house which includes a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor gym, health club, and indoor badminton court, table tennis, multipurpose hall,provision for crèche & convenience store with outdoor tennis court, basketball court, cricket practice net, open air theatre, mini football field, kids play area, pet park and senior citizens seating court.

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