Prestige Township Sarjapur Road

We wish you the best in looking for the largest townships in the city. Yes !! Prestige township is the so far largest township in the town. So there are many home buyers and investors piled up awaiting to invest in this fascinating property.

Many must be wondering what’s a township. Townships are contemporary clusters living with a wide range of multiple facilities and amenities in a single gated community. Compared to a normal gated community the township system will have more amenities to provide a comfortable, easy, safer, lively atmosphere to the residents.

Prestige Group plays a major role in Bangalore’s real estate market. Their contribution to this industry is consistent and enormous. The brand is known for its superior quality, lifestyle and affordability. The richness of the project at reasonable prices brings many prospective clients to the group. The technical expertise of the group is impressive with many trained professionals and qualified management. This 35 years old organization has over 45+ ongoing projects with it. There are about 247 projects successfully completed by the builder. The Prestige Group has many different portfolios and one among them is the residential segment. In that too the Prestige Group implements many projects types like

Going down, we have listed the best township projects in Bangalore.

  • Plotted development
  • Apartments
  • Villa Properties

Prestige Township Sarjapur

When we look into the trend of Bangalore. There is a surging trend for township properties. This is for its

  • Highest resale value
  • Easy to sell
  • High in demands
  • Rich amenities
  • Great location
  • High-class lifestyle

These exclusive benefits in the townships make people confidently invest in the township projects. Prestige has great experience in performing these types of properties. There are many landmark township projects developed by Prestige Group over the last decade. They are

  • Prestige Shanthinektean
  • Prestige Lakeside Habitat

Prestige Lakeside Habitat

As we all know Bangalore is a huge city in terms of expansion and development. Over the years the city has been expanded into 4 major parts. They are

  • North Bangalore
  • South Bangalore
  • East Bangalore
  • West Bangalore

To simplify better let’s go ahead and explore the areas based on monumental landmarks in each region.

North Bangalore is the region where the Bangalore International Airport is located.

South Bangalore is the oldest part of Bangalore. This still carries the same old heritage look of the garden city.

East Bangalore is otherwise known as New Bangalore. Places like Sarjapur, Whitefield comes under this region

West Bangalore is the place covering Kanakapura Road, Mysore Road.

Sarjapur Road is a suburb located in the Eastern part of Bangalore. The area is growing rapidly these days of its large IT hub, large industries, infrastructure and connectivity. The suburb is naturally overwhelmed with its overall excellence. There are many IT giants present and many more coming in the following years as per the proposed development.

Sarjapur has got numerous reputed schools, the best health care providers, shopping malls and gaming arenas in the vicinity. So we do not have to fret about any basic essentials in this area. In fact, there are abundant essential resources in the area.

The connectivity of this locality is incredible. We need to be mentioning the connecting aspect of Sarjapur. This area is in close proximity to the outer ring road. It seamlessly connects many major parts of the city and other IT corridors.

Wouldn’t it be noteworthy if we get a promising township project in a go-to location of the city?

Yeah !! Prestige Group is launching soon the city’s largest township project in the city off Sarjapur Road. Sarjapur Road is the city’s second most searched place for residential projects. This is due to the above-mentioned reasons.

Prestige City- Prestige Great Acres

The project will be launched soon. Prestige City a 180acres land parcel, Sarjapur Road has different housing cluster forms in it such as Villas, apartments and Plots. This is a prelaunch project and is pending RERA approval.

The structure of the Prestige City has been designed by leading architects in the country. Thus would provide the safest, contemporary living to the residents.

The property is exclusively designed to have effective space utilization. Thus we get ample fresh air and sunlight. The Prestige City township has different clusters based on the housing patterns like

  • Prestige Great Acres for plotted development
  • Prestige Avalon Park and Eden Park for apartment segment

Prestige Avalon Park and Eden Park have 6000+ apartments with tall rise buildings that are robust with contemporary architecture. This is been developed on 100 acres of the 180 acres. The apartments would have different living configurations like

  • 1 BHK
  • 2 BHK
  • 3 BHK

Prestige City Villas will have a majestic look with G+1 architecture alongside a beautiful private garden. There are over 140+ exquisite villas planned on this property.

Prestige Great Acres

Prestige Great Acres are the plotted division available in Prestige City. Prestige Great Acres are planned on 80 acres of land space of the total 180 acres Prestige City. The plots are spacious enough and face many of the recreational amenities in the township to provide the best view. The views are breathtaking with broader views.

There are over 900+ plots available in the Prestige Great Acres. These plots are intelligently designed to have ideal sizes. The sizes are as follows

  • 30*40 sq ft
  • 40*60 sq ft
  • 60*60 sq ft
  • 30*50 ssq ft

If you are looking for good yielding long term returns this is the best property in the town. As the property is bright in many aspects like

  • Pricing
  • Amenities
  • Infrastructure
  • Location
  • Brand Value
  • Quality
  • High-class lifestyle

The amenities are rich as in other Prestige properties. There is a central and landscape area present in the premises that give an enduring look to the property. There is a net cricket provisioned in the premises to give quality playtime to the residents.

A Skating rink is provided in the Prestige Township to provide a daring sport to its residents. This would give a lot of confidence to kids and elders.

The project has many other attractive features in the township that would add beauty value and peace to the property.

1. Prestige Meridian Park

Prestige Meridian Park

Prestige Meridian Park is a new launch luxurious apartment segment in the largest townships of the city, The Prestige City. The eminent property is on 18.2 acres, and the total development size of the township is 180 acres. It is an excellent deal for us rather than buying any ordinary apartment segment. We will pay a similar amount; however, we get to relish the features of a beautiful township by buying this Prestige Meridian Park apartment unit. It has 16 towers and G+30 blocks with all exquisite 3 BHK homes. The size of the units ranges between 1387 sqft and 1865 sqft.

2. Prestige Eden Park

Prestige Eden Park

Prestige Eden Park is yet another fascinating property within the biggest townships of the city, The Prestige City off Sarjapur Road. The development size of the Prestige City is 180 acres, and this apartment cluster takes 9.7 acres of land parcel with copious 1 and 2 BHK homes. The size ranges from 634 sqft to 974 sqft. There are about 2217 units in Prestige Eden Park. The possession of this eminent property will start from May 2025 onwards.

3. Prestige Avalon Park

Prestige Avalon Park

Prestige Avalon Park is a stunning apartment segment arranged in the largest township in the city, The Prestige City township. The project is majestic, with seven towers and a built-up structure of B+G+29 floors. Can you imagine 950 units of striking 3 and 4 BHK sold in 6 months? Yes, this exquisite property is the fastest sold property in the city. The size of the units ranges from 1361sqft to 2290sqft. The possession of this eminent property will commence from May 2025.

Prestige Group is the most celebrated city developer with some of the best residential masterpieces. The Prestige City is yet another premium township that slated to offer only the best living luxury for the home buyers.

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