Sarjapur Road

When it comes to investments, especially real estate globally people are inclined on Bangalore real estate. Compared to other cities of the country. Bangalore is one of the top 3 metro cities people prefer to invest in. The likelihood is due to the pleasant natural atmosphere with great climatic conditions and scenic trees and natural lakes. This is one of the natural elements people like about Bangalore. And there are many other productive pointers in the city that keep the people migrating to the garden city. The city is widely known for its employment hub. There are many job opportunities with high scale pay available generously in the city. As we all know the city has the largest IT hub in many parts of it.

One such IT hub locality in the city is Sarjapur Road. This has become an inevitable option when people think of buying their residential units. This locality has superior potential for various other reasons. Admittedly, the area is the most preferred location for real estate purposes by many home buyers and investors.

What are the 5 major advantages of Sarjapur Road?

Sarjapur Road


Our foremost validation before buying any property is how feasible it is to commute between the workplace, school and other essentials?

This is a big Yes, in investment on Sarjapur Road. People familiar with the Bangalore framework must be knowing this fact. There are many exclusive connecting roads that makes the commuting from Sarjapur Road very simple.

The outer ring road, old airport road, Hosur road, state and national highways in the vicinity makes commuting easy to other IT corridors and prime areas of the city. Over this the area seamlessly connects the other cities to it very elegantly.

The proposed metro lines would be a reward for the locality.


The framework of the locality is naturally splendid. There are many reputed schools, health care providers, larger shopping malls and centers around the area. This gives the people a comfortable atmosphere. The strong atmosphere and locality makes us feel confident.

The company’s vision is to provide premium quality as per customer expectations at affordable pricing.


In spite of the surging demand and rapid growth, the area offers affordable living homes.

Prestige Great Acres Plots

4.Serene Atmosphere

The area is clearly arranged with many feel-good elements like reputed builder apartment complexes, villas and many more. Thus it gives us a perfect residential look and social life.


This is what we feel and expect from our investments. We want our hard-earned money to be safer and profitable. The area’s real estate potential is growing rapidly. Thus many leading builders provide quality homes with rich facilities and amenities. These help in yielding good rentals and resale value.

We have found such a worthy property for you today.

Prestige Great Acres

Prestige Great Acres Reviews

Prestige Great Acres is a residential apartment developed on 100 acres of space. This is one of the major clusters in Prestige City township. This is an upcoming project with 6000+ apartments on the premises. The project is methodical with good ventilation, natural light and effective usage of space.

The framework of this Prestige Great Acres is awesome with many advanced ecosystem properties. The amenities give a good turn to our lifestyle. There are 25+ rich amenities on the premises that keep you engaged, delighted and productive.

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