Prestige Great Acres Specifications


  • Imposing entrance designed to complement the modern style of architecture
  • 12m wide internal road with a 7m carriageway laid with asphalted driveways
  • 9m wide internal road with a 5.5m carriageway laid with asphalted driveways
  • Concrete finish on all pedestrian pathways
  • Landscaped avenue on either side of the road
  • Each plot has a defined access finished in concrete from the approach road


  • LED Street Lighting
  • All underground systems laid out in RCC hume pipes
  • Underground conduits for fibre optic provision for data and voice
  • Underground power lines to distribute power from transformer yards to individual feeder pillars
  • Power drawn from the transformer to the feeder pillars with provision upto the plot
  • Energy efficient street lighting system will be provided


  • Underground sanitary lines connected to an STP
  • Underground piped water lines for domestic & flushing/ irrigation
  • Irrigation network for common landscape
  • Dual Water supply system through UPVC pipes to cater for domestic use and treated water
  • for flushing purposes and Landscape
  • OHT & UG sump of suitable capacity
  • Water supplied through the central OHT meant for domestic and flushing/ irrigation
  • Plumbing lines will be terminated within the plots for water supply & sewerage


  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Water treatment plant with underground sump tank
  • Organic Waste Convertor


  • Security cabin at gate
  • 24/7 security with RFID boom barriers
  • CCTV cameras provided at the entrance & exit, service yards and children’s play area


  • Treated water used for landscape irrigation as well as flushing purposes in all homes
  • Recharge pits for rainwater harvesting


  • Urban garden areas.
  • Avenue plantation for internal and public roads with low maintenance plants
  • All landscape lights designed to enhance hardscape and soft scape

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