Best Selling Plots in Sarjapur Road

The garden city is most of the investor’s favorite spots for various unique reasons. The nation’s perception of this beautiful city is incredible. People love to settle down in this pleasing city for many reasons like

  • Good educational System
  • Splendid lifestyle
  • High rise buildings
  • Posh atmosphere
  • Health care
  • Climate
  • Great employment opportunities
  • Employment opportunities

Prestige City Township

People have various other reasons to visit and settle down in this appealing city. Hence the city has been rapidly growing and expanding its size. This led the Bangalore real estate developers to come up with projects on the outskirts of the city. People are also quite comfortable buying these outskirt properties as they have their own phenomenal values.

The city is growing fastly in many regions like North, South, East and West. The infrastructure of the city is promising to provide quality essential services like education, banking, shopping, healthcare.

As we all know there are different property types in Bangalore namely villas, plots, apartments and so on. The plot investments are considered to be superior because it has good resale value, land value, easy to customize.

Our dream home could be made of the size we choose. It’s not like the normal residential apartments wherein we have a small number of options and choose from those.

Here we could choose our preferred sized plots and craft all the rooms as per our choice.

In Bangalore, there are many plotted developments available. However, we should be smartly picking the best ones. One of the finest and best-selling plots in Bangalore is off Sarjapur Road.

Prestige Great Acres

This is the plotted development arranged in the largest townships in the city. The Prestige Great Acres is spread on 80 acres of space in the Prestige City township. Prestige City is the biggest township in the city with 180+ acres of land parcel. The Great Acres is one of the clusters in Prestige City.

Prestige Great Acres

The plots in the Prestige Great Acres are intelligently designed to have ideal sizes. These ideal sized plots could be framed into many different forms like

  • Duplex houses
  • A simple independent home
  • Twin homes

Space is the crucial element in any city and buying. Here the space has been effectively utilized. The infrastructure of the Prestige Great Acres is beyond the market standards for the plotted development. The amenities are generous with many health-oriented and sports-oriented features. The water bodies in the Prestige Great Acres provide a refreshing feel to us.

There is a small futsal court that gives a good playtime with our family and friends. The massive clubhouse in the Prestige Great Acres has housed many indoor activities that relish us. Sports and fitness have been given good importance in this township. Thus there are many outdoor courts provided. The spa and sauna in the clubhouse are thrilling elements. This makes us comfortable just at our own place. We do not have to step out for these regular tasks. We could easily get it done in our own community. This saves a lot of time and energy. Keeps us calm, happy and relaxed.

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