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Is Prestige Smart City Rera approved?

Is Prestige Smart City Rera approved?

We need to be cautious in any buying. Be it a small to a high budget product; we need to be pretty sure about the performance or efficiency of the product. Since this would give us a contented life, yes, if we buy the best products, we would feel good for ourselves, and our confidence and perception of life also changes better.

To stay optimistic, the place, things, and people around us have to give us the same hopeful atmosphere. So these days, many simplified guidelines are followed to rely on a product. In any industry, there are different regulations followed. In simple terms, we have great trust in ISO products. Similarly, there are many kinds of approvals in the real estate industry like BDA, BBMP and many more. However, the appropriate and comprehensive real estate sector is the RERA approval.

What is a RERA Approval?

These are regulatory bodies framed by the Central Government of India to offer the buyer an up hand in terms of smooth buying and possession. It is a necessary approval to safeguard our investments. It makes sure the quality of the project is well derived, adhering to the timeline, and penalizes the builder if anything goes wrong or late with the factors mentioned above.

RERA is a superior approval obtained for the real estate projects, and this means the property is safe in all ways to buy. We can pretty well trust and invest in these RERA approved projects. As the regulatory body Real Estate Regulation and Development Act would take care of any discrepancies, the list of RERA builders is genuine.

RERA gives a grace time of 6 months from the date of possession. Suppose the property developer commits the possession date as December 2022.

RERA would give time till May 30 2023, in worst cases.

The regulatory body also takes cross-checks against the planning approvals. If the developer has followed the licenses provided or has he raised extra floors or any other buildings which are not in the actual approved plans.

Prestige Smart City is an absolute RERA approved the project as it has also obtained the RERA numbers for all its clusters. The largest townships in the city have many apartment segments with 7000+ units, 149 villa units and 808 plots. All these blocks have received the required RERA approval with their respective number. Thus if we buy this property, we are ensured with utmost quality, committed timelines and legal property and construction.

Prestige Smart City is under construction by the real estate giant Prestige Group. Thus, the eminent builder follows the best techniques, concepts, and materials to offer us an excellent living experience with utmost safety, comfort, and luxury.

If you want further clarification about the RERA numbers of this project, you could check on their official website and get in touch with their team. We have mentioned their website below for your reference. Overall this is a significant venture to invest your hard-earned money.

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