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What are some of the best areas to invest in real estate in Bangalore?

What are some of the best areas to invest in real estate in Bangalore?

Real estate is a vast and prosperous sector that gives us splendid benefits. Based on the surroundings, each property type would look gorgeous. If it is a plotted development, some areas are perfect for these as we need a large area to develop these planned communities. Nevertheless, these days, the apartment segment also comes with a large land parcel as the builders of this city are known for exceptional lifestyle projects.

As far as the property's location is concerned, many factors are knot in this matter. If we buy a property, what are all the fundamental factors we should be looking into for a fruitful purchase?

We should have a pleasant atmosphere to relish the whole of our living. So the locality has to be delightful with many facilities be it essentials or the amusing ones. The area has to be lively with natural elements, such as lakes, parks, trees, water bodies, etc.

For many of us, a morning cup of tea/coffee to reach the office on time and efficiently are a few priorities we have in our lives. There are other essentials necessary for a serene life, such as healthcare, education, shopping and entertainment.

Next comes the prominence of the region's connectivity with other areas of the city. The association of the site should be pretty outstanding to cope with the busy commute and the traffic congestion.

The premier requirement for any best area is its budget and cost of living. The site should be affordable in buying a property and its overall cost of living.

After several steps of research and analysis, we have found some areas to be highly doing well in the real estate sector for investment.


It is an outskirt area of Bangalore city, it's top 1 real estate hub. Homebuyers and investors prefer this area for its tremendous and serene atmosphere with advanced infrastructure and connectivity. The site has the most prominent IT hub and outstanding lifestyle projects. Though the pricing is a bit expensive in this area compared to any other East Bangalore region, the projects are unique with their upper edge. We get many types of properties like villas, apartments in the area with sizes like 900sqft, 1050sqft, 1200sqft, 1800sqft, 1500sqft, 2500sqft.


Sarjapur area is a fascinating place and is present centrally amid Whitefield, Marathahalli, Electronic City. Thus the connectivity of Sarjapur is splendid and connects the area seamlessly with other regions. As the place is excellent, we get access to the best neighbourhood and thus, the framework is perfect. There is a fantastic edge for developers in this area as they can easily do large projects since there is a large Availability of substantial land parcels. It is yet another area where the land costs are appreciated considerably.


It has become a new real estate hub for its reasonable pricing and great natural atmosphere. The area is unpolluted with fewer residential houses and a rapidly developing area. Devanahalli has excellent connectivity for the presence of BIAL in it, and the framework is equally significant.

What else could we ask for in a residential investment? Everything is well present.

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