Trending Property in East Bangalore

We all like to be trendy and trending stuff in our day to day life. Because these are the stuff that keeps us occupied and feels good. Right from our fashion to styling we like to go with trends. It’s good to follow this so that we could stay updated.

Generally, these trends keep changing on a regular basis as the world is in the fastest phase. So when we buy stuff it would be great we buy a trending one so that we could utilize it for years. Rather than buying an outdated one and missing the new features.

Can I get the details of the trending property in East Bangalore?

The same applies when we buy a property. These are most probably our 1-time investments and if we buy the fresh ones. We could be updated with the new technologies implemented in these fresh houses. This makes us happy and comfortable. Technology comforts us in many ways in our life. These days properties are also implemented with advanced technologies that provide us with comfortable, convenient and luxurious homes. Home is the only place we could ease upon so with these trending technologies we could expect furthermore comfort. This keeps us happy and makes us cherish the property buyer to the fullest.

Today we are going to discuss such a superior trending property in East Bangalore for you.

The Prestige City

This is a new launch 180 acres property with different housing patterns designed in it as this is the largest township in the city. We could find various housing designs like

  • Villas
  • Apartments
  • Plots

As this is a huge property with 180 acres there are many clusters we got to explore. The apartments are segregated into 3 towers namely

  • Prestige City Avalon Park
  • Eden Park
  • Prestige Aspen Greens

The Prestige City

The apartment units have many preferred units like 1, 2 and 3 BHK homes with different dimensions. These apartment clusters are arranged in 100 acres of land parcels with abundant open and green spaces. There are 7000+ apartments to be developed in The Prestige City. There are many modern techniques carried out to provide outstanding views from each unit.

The villas of Prestige City are super luxurious bungalows with 3 and 4 BHK and a G+1 built-up structure. There are 140 villas planned in Prestige City.

The Prestige Group has generously provided many trending features and techniques in this Prestige City. The designs are fresh, robust and contemporary that offers all the units with great natural light and fresh air. The space of the property is also well handled with modern techniques to save the space. Thus there is no wastage in space.

The amenities are super modern and innovative. The Prestige Group has crafted this masterpiece exclusively to provide the utmost superior lifestyle, comfort, luxury and convenience to the dwellers.

The Location of Prestige City, Sarjapur Road also plays a vital role in the property’s prominence. As the location is fantabulous in infrastructure and connectivity. The pricing is also affordable in Prestige City. This is a property that is anticipated to carry good rental and resale value.

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