Finest Prestige Group duplex bungalow in Sarjapur Road

Owning a bungalow is not an affliction to anyone. We would enjoy it. Settling in a posh bungalow house is the ultimate desire for anyone in life. So if we get an opportunity to purchase the villa unit, we are fortunate enough. However, we need to be analyzing the market trends and the location whereabouts.

Finest Prestige Group duplex bungalow in Sarjapur Road

The architecture of the villas are extraordinary, and the home buyers and investors prefer these for the flawless designs. So if we are looking for bungalow homes, these are the perfect ones. And we get many unique benefits from these big homes. We get to utilize the whole unit land parcel as the lands belong to us. The entire land covered by our villa units will be in our names. Unless the apartment segments, there is no concept of UDS of units.

Privacy is a matter of peace these days as many of us go through hurdles in a cluster living complex. These villa communities inspire the modern cluster living features. There are no sharing walls in these villa properties, and indeed, there is a lot of open space between the units. The views would be breathtaking with excellent, rich features like a lush landscape, a swimming pool, and many other amenities. The resale value is high compared to any different property types.

The crucial factor involved in any property purchase is the locality. Sarjapur is an excellent location in the city and the hotbeds of the real estate industry. It would be worth getting the most acceptable villa property in Sarjapur Road. Wouldnt it?

The Prestige City

The villas are on a 180 acres largest township property. The developer Prestige Group has strategically developed this project in Sarjapur Road as the region has many upper hands in terms of infrastructure and connectivity. The villas are astonishing, with great designs and copious units.

There are 3 and 4 BHK homes in the Prestige City villas with a G+1 structure. An exclusive private garden comes with these duplex bungalows. Leading architects do the designs in the country to offer flawless contemporary design. Thus, all the township units are well lit and get fresh air.

The spacing of the Prestige City villas is also well controlled by the leading property developer Prestige Group. The developer has a unique, trusted name. We all know the potential of this developer.

The Prestige City villas have plenty of amenities within the township. There are over 50+ amenities on the property. We have many exciting features in the property, which offers a lavish lifestyle with remarkable comfort, convenience, luxury and safety.

There is a large billiards and game room on this property—a separate swimming pool for adults and kids on the premises. We could have a great playtime with our friends and family.

Spa & Sauna is also an exciting feature in this most elegant Prestige Group duplex villa. There are many outdoor sports courts, a jogging track, kid's play area.

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