Prestige Great Acres Brochure

The Prestige Great Acres is a residential plot cluster in the Prestige City township. The Prestige Great Acres brochure will give the primary details of the project like

  • Size of the Project
  • Size of the Floor
  • Number of floors
  • Floor plan
  • Location details
  • List and details of the amenities

For more information about the Prestige Great Acres, Download PDF brochure.

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Prestige Great Acres Brochure

The Prestige brochure will give a detailed description and images of the property. This gives a visual picture of the property. How does the swimming pool on the premises look? How rich do the landscaped gardens look. The brochure finely defines the property and its arrangement for us. The location whereabouts also would be described well on the brochure.

The property is a premium gated township with mixed housing patterns in the premises that gives a variant look at each angle. This is a huge township property in the city with over 180+ acres. The township is well crafted with mega amenities to ease and please the residents.

Sarjapur Road has excellent connectivity to other areas of the city and furthermore, the upcoming metro lines make the locality the favorite residential destination to many home buyers and investors.

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The brochure will have the following details in it

Project Location: Where is the property exactly located? The nearest metro to the bus station and other required detailed information. What are the other prime areas near the locality?

Land Parcel: The brochure also explains the development size of the property.

About the Builder: This gives detailed information about the builder like the number of projects they have done. The cities they work in and their profile history.

Layout Plan: This shows the plot types of all the plot unit types available on the property. In Prestige Great Acres there are many dimensions available on the premises. . So you could choose the plot sizes based on the size and other influential factors like corner plot, amenity facing plot and many more.

Master Plan: This plan gives the overview structure of the property. Right from the grandeur entrance to the number of phases and amenities are well covered in this plan. This gives a glance of the completed project. Once the proposed project completes, how the look would be. This is the purpose of the master plan. So that you can decide the property just at the early stages if interested. We do not have to wait till we get to see the end product. This gives a good glance of the end product.

Plots: The details of the plot numbers and sizes would be mentioned for easy reference.

Contact Information: How to contact the developer for booking or for any other details. This information would be present in this column.

Prestige Great Acres is one of the biggest landmark projects of Prestige Group. Thus it’s a remarkable landmark off Sarjapur Road.

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