Prestige Group Plots in Sarjapur Road

Investing in land is always an intelligent decision. In a city like Bangalore buying a plot is crucial due to its many complicated factors such as

  • Improper documents
  • Landowner dispute
  • Approvals
    • So we need trusted entity to assure our savings. As we all know the Prestige groups unique selling proposition is a trusted name. The Prestige groups have developed a large plotted development in Sarjapur Road. The property is rightly named Prestige great acres.

      Prestige Great Acres Plots

      Prestige Great Acres is situated in Sarjapur Road, the eastern part of Bangalore. The property is sprawled on large land space with many residential plot units.

      The number of units in this exquisite property is yet to be updated. However, the plots are available in favorable odd and even sizes. All the standard plot sizes such as

      • 30*40 sq ft
      • 40*60 sq ft
      • 60*80 sq ft
        • The plots are developed with ample space between each plot.

          Prestige Great Acres Prelaunch Plots

          Prestige Great Acres is designed with many beneficial elements. The property is worth the money with its filled luxury, fun, safety and advanced facilities.

          The RERA approval of Prestige great acres is in progress. The developer has provided ample facilities and amenities in the premises for the ease and comfort of the buyers.

          If we buy an independent plot in Bangalore we wouldn’t be able to spare space for a garden, swimming pool and other advanced amenities due to its high budget. In the case of independent plots, we could only buy a piece of land and construct our dream home. But we could not afford space for other entertaining factors. In this fast pace world, we need some rejuvenating elements in our day to day life. To keep ourselves serene and accomplished.

          The Prestige Great Acres has lavish infrastructures and amenities in them. There is a vast clubhouse in Prestige with great acres. The clubhouse houses many indoor activities that regenerate our energy and soul. There are many lifestyle amenities that enhance our social interaction with all age groups.

          Prestige Great Acres Amenities

          The outdoors of Prestige great acres is stunning with large open space, lush greenery. The property has a long jogging/walking track. The tennis court in Prestige great acres is designed with a larger area. This tennis court does not only add beauty and world-class standards to the property. But also helps in keeping ourselves hale and healthy. It also keeps us delighted.

          Badminton courts are also designed in this posh Prestige great acres. There are huge benefits of this sport such as

          • Staying fit
          • Losing weight
          • Maintain physique
          • Muscle toning
          • Enhances concentration
          • More reflex action
          • Good for heart functioning
          • Improves muscle strength and flexibility

          It’s just not going to be an ordinary home. Prestige great acres is a lifestyle property that’s going to be an integral part of life.

          There are many other exciting and useful amenities such as a gym, yoga and meditation deck, five a side football arena, snooker or billiards table, swimming pool and many more.

          Prestige has just not developed a gated community with row plots. It has ensured to provide best living style, utmost health fitness and safety.

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