How would be the real estate market of Sarjapur Road after 5 years

You are in the right phase. Yes !! whatever we do we should be checking and thinking about the scope of it in the future. And especially when it comes to investments we need to be more futuristic in our thoughts. Because we might think to stay in the property we buy for now however later the life would have something else better for us. So we need to be thinking about the property from a resale angle so that if we want to rent it out or resell it in the future we could easily do it. For that, the crucial element involved is the location. Because the location is snappy we could easily get leads for both rental or resale. So before we invest we need to be analyzing the past, present and future developments of the locality to keep our hard-earned money safe.

How would be the real estate market of Sarjapur Road after 5 years

Let’s scan one of the prominent areas in the city, Sarjapur Road. This is present in the eastern part of the city. The area is most demanding as there is an IT hub and other industries present in Sarjapur Road. Thus the developments are enormous in this area. Sarjapur is the 2nd most searched area in the city for various reasons like infrastructure, connectivity, and industrial growth.

Adding to these there are many proposed developments such as Metro rails, Infosys Headquarters, and many more coming up in the region to enrich the area more. The atmosphere of this area is pretty much favourable for residential living. As it’s serene. , many proposed developments such as Metro rails, Infosys Headquarters, and many more are

Over the years probably after 5 years, Sarjapur Road would take a new striking look with many more developments and the appreciation of the properties would increase by 10-20%.

Let’s go ahead and explore a fascinating property developed by the topmost builders in the city. This eminent property is located in the same potential Sarjapur Road.

The Prestige City

This is a 180 acres township with multiple housing patterns in The Prestige City. This is a remarkable property as this is the biggest township in the city. The Prestige City has 140+ villas, 808 plots and 7000 apartment units. The township is developed by Prestige Group. And the property has been designed by leading design professionals in the industry to obtain a flawless and effective design. Thus all the units of the Prestige City township get ample natural light and fresh air. The spacing of this township is also given equal significance to avoid any wastage of space. Hence the Prestige Township does not have any wastage of space. Which is an added benefit to the home buyers and investors.

The developer Prestige Group has generously provided the best features in this property as this is a township property. Thus there are many amenities of about 50+ in this township. Basically, township properties are more demanding thus they carry the highest resell value in the real estate market.

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