Is Prestige City a Good Deal to Buy?

We all buy things to make the best of them. We want to utilize it considerably. If the things are small we would either trash or save them for our memories. Big things like cars, bikes and homes if it gets older we can’t save them in our backyards. Because in a city like Bangalore. We can’t afford to buy a huge space with backyards. Moreover, the cost price of these things also is high. So we would obviously sell it. When we sell we need to be recovering a sizeable amount from it. This is called a good deal if we sell at good prices. To sell a property or thing in a good deal we should have bought it in a good deal.

Let’s make it more clear.

What’s a Good deal in buying?

Buying in a good deal is when the property is available at

  • Best price
  • Best in class quality
  • Excellent customer service
  • Rich amenities and facilities
  • Comfortable property
  • Convenient property
  • Low in Maintenance
  • Best in resale value
  • Gives a fine fulfilled lifestyle

The Prestige City Sarjapur Road

So while buying if it’s a good deal apparently the property would be a good deal while selling too.

How would you react if we disclose the best deal in the city for you. Yes !! It’s The Prestige City. Prestige City is a good deal in the city.

The largest township in the city with 180 acres land parcel. The Prestige City has many different housing platforms like Apartments, Villas & Plots.

There are 6000 apartments and 140 villas in Prestige City. The property has been designed with a brilliant architecture design that is robust and contemporary in design. This in turn provides well-lit units and is ventilated with fresh air.

The space throughout the property has been well handled and managed with the best utilization. The different towers in the Prestige City are

  • Prestige Avalon Park
  • Prestige Eden Park
  • Prestige Aspen Greens

The Prestige City

All these towers carry 1,2, 3 BHK units with a stylish design. The views from all these units are fabulous. The other side Prestige City villas look gorgeous with a majestic G+1 structure surrounded by a private garden. The magnificent villas are configured with 3 and 4 BHK units.

The property surprises with many amenities. There are some water bodies in the property that gives us a refreshing feel and look. The purpose of each amenity has been well executed by the renowned Prestige Group. This is an outright property. The clubhouse has been smartly crafted with the best indoor activities that would provide us with good health, sports activity.

The Spa and sauna on the premises are a bonus in Prestige City. This aids us to get all the essentials at our doorsteps. There is no unnecessary fuzz for any essentials. Being a township property, the Prestige Group has well served and justified the township concept in Prestige City.

The location is another windfall that we get to relish while buying this fruitful property.

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