Is the Prestige City property worth it’s budget?

While investing the foremost factor we are concerned about is the budget. We all know if we invest in the least budget then we need to compromise in the quality. Which we do not want to do or like to do. So we seemingly look for the best properties at the best or reasonable budget.

Is the Prestige City property worth it’s budget?

We should be actually analyzing the projects well. Because some properties in the market would be less in price. However, the facilities and comfort and convenience o the property might not be pleasing. So we need to first in place decide what kind of property we need and our actual expectations.

Next, come the builder prospects and budget. We can’t be claiming a property reasonable without knowing the quality, facility and amenity of the project. There could be some projects cheaper in the rate but the quality would be lagging or less in these projects.

So we need to be acute while choosing the property to invest in. there are many or to be precise. There are numerous residential projects in Bangalore city. So it’s clever to first fix our location and then find relevant projects.

When it comes to East Bangalore, Prestige City Sarjapur is the best budget property in the locality.

We all know the prominence of Prestige Group in the city. The Group is renowned for many remarkable aspects like quality, customer satisfaction, rich amenities and architecture.

The Prestige City

On top of this, The Prestige City is a township property. Hope you know what’s a township. Townships are a mixed set of properties arranged under a single roof with many clusters like apartments, villas, commercial blocks and many other clusters.

Prestige City is also a notable township located off Sarjapur Road. This is the most prominent location in the real estate market of the city. Many home buyers and investors prefer this location for its excellent connectivity and infrastructure. Sarjapur road has excellent essential services arranged in the locality. Thus the Prestige Group has strategically planned the property in such a favourable location.

Prestige City, the largest township property in the garden city is developed on 180 acres. As any other township, the Prestige City has many clusters like

  • The Prestige City Avalon Park
  • Eden Park
  • Prestige Aspen Greens
  • Prestige Great Acres

The 1st three are the Prestige City apartment towers developed on 100 acres from the 180 acres total land parcel. The apartments here are configured with different styles like 1,2,3 BHK homes. Nearly 6000 units are present in the Prestige City apartment segment.

The villas of the property are stunning with great architecture and built-up structures. We could see a brilliant built-up structure with G+1 flooring. We get a private garden space with the villas exclusively. There are 140+ villas planned on this premise.

The amenities in Prestige City are overwhelming with many striking features in the premises. There is a large swimming pool separately arranged for adults and kids. The facilities in the project are pleasing and offer us the best lifestyle experience.

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