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Living in A Luxury Township

It's a dream for everyone to have a home and imagine a luxurious home.

Investing in Luxury Township yields us a good lifestyle, return on Investment and many more.

In Earlier days, we knew even Apartments were considered to be Luxurious. But now we all agree it's a simple way of living.

Likewise, Luxury Township is the trend now, and many more projects are coming our way. Township helps and creates a new fresh living for us in the stress entire world and poor lifestyle routines.

Read more about the Township: The Prestige City


LIVING AMID NATURE: The Luxury Township project is infused with many Greenery; we feel and live every moment in the beautiful natural environment.

It's like living with nature. Nature is part of your everyday life.

Prestige Township In Bangalore

Infrastructure: As you all know, all the townships are well and properly planned; the infrastructure of these Luxury Townships are extraordinary, starting from

  • High Rise Ceiling
  • Small Garden
  • Expansive Rooms
  • In-Built Parks

Customising your Rich Home: We could customise every bit of our dream home (Unlike Apartments)

  • Number, type, and kind of Rooms could be customised
  • Choosing Colours
  • Interiors
  • Style of Entire Home

Integrated Township at Sarjapur Road

Striking Amenities: If you are a person who loves to relish the soul, and this place is yours.

  • Vast clubhouse ranging from 20000 sqft
  • Spa-A place we all rejuvenate
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis court
  • Mineral water plant
  • Kids Play area
  • Softener water
  • Power Backup
  • Proper Sewage Treatment
  • Solar Heaters
  • Solar Fencing

These world-class amenities are not meant just for the present; it's been planned in a future optimistic approach.

Change In Living Style: With all the required facilities around you, you would be urged to utilise the space created by Luxury Townships.

One would indulge in many activities like

Socialising: This is the factor we all look for in the fast-moving world. Just because the Township is filled with several houses, we get to know many kinds of people.

Physical Fitness: The Place you live would be surrounded by almost 70% open space. You tend to explore many Physical Activities like Walk, Jogg, Karate Training, Gymnastics, etc.

Mental Fitness: The Attractive Space could be used for

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Singing
  • Dance
  • Zumba

You can indulge in any of these of your Interest.

Prestige Township East Bangalore

Mini Urban City Living: The Township has been developed in an Urban city format. It caters you with

  • Food courts
  • Grocery
  • Vegetable Stores
  • Garment outlet
  • Electronic Stores
  • Temples
  • Prayer Hall and many more

I hope you have a peaceful and Fulfilled Bangalore Apartment life.

"It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts". ~ Adlai Stevenson.

Let's live our life to the fullest,at last, one life.

I wish you guys all the very best and happy Luxurious Living !!

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