Gorgeous Prestige Villa properties in East Bangalore

1. Prestige Aspen Greens

Prestige Aspen Greens

Prestige Aspen Greens is a stunning villa segment arranged in the largest township in the city, The Prestige City township. The development size of the Prestige City is 180 acres, and this villa cluster takes 20.3 acres of land parcel with copious 4 BHK homes. The size ranges from 3344 sqft to 3612 sqft. There are about 149 units in Prestige Aspen Greens.

Villa properties are the most preferred and impressive property type. As these are well planned and designed to have a gorgeous look. Though other property types like

  • Plots
  • Twin/Rowhouses
  • Apartments
  • Individual houses

Prestige Villa properties in East Bangalore

Are available in the market. The glance of these properties is splendid and unparalleled. These are the inspiring features of other property types. As these carry a great

Architecture: This is unmatchable with any other type of property. The developer of these villas ventures with the top professionals in the field to fetch an appealing design that aids in the best lighting and fresh air.

Privacy: The ample spacing between each villa provides us with a great amount of privacy. This is a miss in any other types.

Safety: This is the best in the safety feature. As there are multi security features implemented in the posh villa properties to provide keen safety to the dwellers

Ample open space: As we all know there is a good amount of space provided surrounding the bungalow homes.

Best Ever resale value: The resale value of villa properties are always at the top as these have many striking qualities like

  • Richest amenities
  • Great UDS (Undivided Share)
  • Apartments
  • The demand of the property

The Prestige City

There are some cases where the property quality is not up to the mark. It’s due to the lack of expertise of the developer in the field. We could avoid this by opting for reputed builder projects. And we could also have a tab on their previous projects. Just to know their delivery of quality, promising completion date and after-sale customer support.

We should also be mindful of the locality. As the villa could be finest in quality and facilities but the area wouldn’t be much appreciating in terms of real estate returns.

Being a villa property only provides us with a lot of comfort and luxury. Imagine a villa being developed by Prestige Group. How fascinating it should be?

Yes !! The renowned Prestige Group is developing the largest township The Prestige City with 180 acres of land parcel. Being a township property there are various types of home patterns in the Prestige City. There are 140+ villas with copious 3 and 4 BHK luxury homes. There is a beautiful garden space provided in this Prestige City villa property.

These posh villa bungalows are designed by leading experts in the country to offer splendid architecture. Villa properties are built on a G+1 structure. The villa bungalows are planned with ample spacing around each villa. Thus there is an abundant amount of fresh air and natural light. At the same time, the developer Prestige Group has intelligently managed the spacing so well. To avoid any wastage of space.

The amenities in The Prestige City are super advanced and thrill us with creative features like Swimming Pool, Badminton Courts, Table Tennis & Snooker/ billiards Tables.

The location of Prestige City is another merit to the property buying. This Sarjapur Road has many beneficial features that help us get all essentials at par. And the association of Sarjapur with other prime areas is also another added advantage.

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