What are the merits of township properties in the Bangalore real estate market

Bangalore real estate market is pretty competitive which has enormous development projects by numerous developers in the city. To withstand the huge competition the builders set or define many new concepts and technologies to withstand the market. The most trending in the Bangalore real estate market is the township properties.

What are the merits of township properties in the Bangalore real estate market

There are many merits in these township properties such as

Large land extent: Township properties are generally built on large land extents. We could relish by utilizing this huge area. We could well make use of these land extents in many good ways.

More Open space: In these types of township properties there is more focus on open spaces. Thus we could expect open space of about 75-88% of open and green spaces.

Prosperous amenities: These days we see many developers provide many facilities and amenities in their projects. But these township properties being built on large land extent there are abundant facilities present in the property. Especially in Bangalore, people are fond of these amenities as these are refreshing elements from their stressful urban life. In these township properties, all the facilities are available just under our own roof and we do not have to step out of the premises for most of the essentials.

Multiple options to choose from: In any township, there would be many types of properties. So there are wider options available for us to choose from. We can efficiently choose our dream abode.

Resale Value: This is our motto of buying property. In these properties, the resale values are highest as the property is well equipped and genuine in all terms. Thus there is a huge demand for these properties in the resale market as well.

Easy to Sell: Since there are properties scattered in this vast city there are ample amount of properties. Still, since there are abundant benefits in these township properties there is a huge market for these. Hence we could sell pretty easily.

Let’s take you through the best township property in the city.

The Prestige City

The Prestige City

This is a 180 acres township property that has property types like plots, villas and apartments and is located off Sarjapur Road. This biggest township in the city is developed by Prestige Group. This RERA approved property would be available for possession from May 2025. There are about 7000+ apartment units, 140+ villas and 808 plots in this Prestige City township. The architecture of this property has superior modern architecture and a rigid structure.

The Prestige City apartments have 1,2 and 3 BHK homes. The villa properties in this township have a G+1 structure. The amenities in this property are pretty striking and impressive. There are 50+ facilities on this property.

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