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What’s the best prelaunch project in Bangalore?

We all wish to know what is new in town. The talk of the town is now about The Prestige City township. This is an integrated township project designed on 180+ acres of large land space.

This is the biggest township project in the city ever. The builder is the renowned Prestige groups, who are known for their trusted name, quality, innovation and timely handovers.

The builder always delivers the best in quality properties at reasonable rates.

What is a Township?

Some of us must be confused between the township and gated community. Are they the same? No.

Best Prelaunch Project in Bangalore

In a gated community we get only a limited number of infrastructure and amenities. But in a township, as the name implies the builders strives to provide a mini town environment for us.

Townships are a mixed group of housing with many facilities inside the premises. There are townships with schools, banks, shopping hubs in it. The larger the land area, the more facilities we get within the township.

This 180+ acres township provides us with fair amenities.

Benefits of Township

  • Safety and security
  • Good social life
  • Usage of many amenities at affordable price
  • Low maintenance
  • Lifestyle property( check this link https://www.lifestylesandproperties.com/resources/lifestyle-property-better-than-house)
  • Affordability
  • Hassle-free daily living
  • Status of pride
  • Cost living
  • Good resale value

The Prestige city township is a 180 acres project with different housing styles like

  • Villas
  • Plots
  • Apartments

There are above 140 exquisite villas designed in the township. The prestige city villas are designed spaciously with magnificent views to refresh ourselves while living in the property. It has got a good gigantic built structure with G+1 floors. Privacy of the resident is finely looked after with a lot of space between each villa. Private gardens are rewarded with the Prestige city villa phase. Thus one can have a lot of privacy, quality construction and lifestyle with gardening and other amenities.

The Prestige city apartments are planned with over 3000 apartments amid the beautiful landscape. The high rise buildings are designed perfectly to give a stunning view from any part of the house.

The Prestige city plots are available in different favourable sizes. We could choose our preferred ones. This gives us an opportunity to explore the real estate field more and improve our skills in it. It’s a great experience designing our own dream house from scratch. Isn’t it??

The Prestige city township is actually contented with its lavishing amenities and location.

There are many world-class amenities such as Spa and sauna, billiards room, table tennis, jogging track, landscaped garden and many more. These amenities not only offers cosy life, but it also helps in having a good mental peace.

As we all know the Prestige city township is located off Sarjapur road. This is one of the hottest real estate spot in the city. It’s great for its

  • Affordable property price
  • Easy connectivity
  • Great infrastructure
  • Best resale property value
  • Demand for rentals
  • Expansion and development of IT corridor
  • Future developments of the locality

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