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What’s the Value/Position of Sarjapur in the Bangalore Market/Real Estate Market?

The Prestige City Prelaunch Township

What’s the position of Bangalore in the real estate market?

As we all are aware, Bangalore, the silicon city of India is a developed city with all good infrastructure and connectivity. The city is still expanding and improving its layout in many ways. These improvements or developments are done to provide an easy and cosy life to its residents.

Bangalore’s real estate market is in a high position in the country. Amid the pandemic, the city has kicked up with good sales number that boosts its value in the real estate market.

The prime reason for the enormous growth of the city is the IT sector. There are numerous companies eager to have their office in Bangalore. The fact is 400 fortune companies of 500 companies are already based in Bangalore.

People’s and many companies favourite city is Bangalore city for various unique reasons. The city is spread widley into 4 parts namely

  • North Bangalore
  • East Bangalore
  • South Bangalore
  • West Bangalore

The Prestige City

How about the outskirt area’s connectivity?

There are many suburbs in all these regions. The most prominent location in the city for real estate in East Bangalore. Though these are a little far away from the city. These areas are brilliantly connected with the city. The connectivity is seamless and thus there are many home buyers and investors eagerly buying properties in the outskirts of the city.

The most prominent suburbs in East Bangalore are Whitefield and Sarjapur. These areas are the most searched real estate regions in the city. This is for the affordability, splendid connectivity, brilliant infrastructure of these suburbs.

Sarjapur Road has been growing over the years for its large IT hub, other industrial developments. The other predominant goodness of the locality is its fine connectivity. The suburb is easily connected to other IT corridors and major parts of the city. There are many dedicated connecting roads like

Sarjapur Road Locality Trend

  • Outer ring road
  • Old Madras road
  • Apartments
  • Peripheral ring road(proposed)
  • NICE road
  • Whitefield-Sarjapur Road
  • The suburb is easily connected to places like
  • Whitefield
  • Bellandur
  • Marathahalli
  • Malleshwaram
  • Koramangala

There are frequent buses in the locality that connects most of the areas in the city. The proposed metro purple line would add more convenience to the residents. We can be comfortably connected with the city and other areas at par. Isn’t this a great relief in a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore?

The framework of Sarjapur Road is astonishing with well-reputed schools, educational institutes, major banks, shopping malls, good restaurants.

Now let’s go ahead and prospect the best project in this locality, The Prestige City.

The Prestige City is a muscular property with 180 acres land parcel off Sarjapur Road. The property has many kinds of housing fashion like

  • Villas
  • Apartments
  • Plots

The villas in Prestige city are 140+ in number. These are super majestic and carries a G+1 built structure. The apartments are classified into towers namely

  • The Prestige City Avalon Park
  • The Prestige City Eden Park

There are over 6000+ units in these towers. The plots in the Prestige City is arranged with a different cluster named Prestige Great Acres.

There are over 20+ amenities in Prestige City. The framework and amenities of the property are appealing.

Prestige Great Acres have plotted development comprising 700+ plots in the largest township. There are preferred residential plots available in the property like

  • 30*40 sq ft
  • 40*50 sqft
  • 60*40 sqft
  • 30*50 sqft

What else we would look more for? Everything is well crafted in this property.

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