Why is there a great buzz about Prestige City Township?

Hope you all are aware of Prestige Group. The Prestige Group is a renowned leading property developer in South India. The Prestige Group is into diversified portfolios like retail, commercial, residential, leisure, hospitality and education. They have unparalleled expertise in all these sectors. Over the 35 years, the brand has done over 247 projects across the country.

We all know basically all their projects would be the talk of the town. However, this Prestige City township property is overwhelmingly buzzed. Do you know why?

The property is a completely comfortable and profitable package.

Why is there a great buzz about Prestige City township?


The Prestige City is strategically located in the Sarjapur region. Hope you all know the prominence of this suburb. This is one of the suburbs in East Bangalore. This has got tremendous infrastructure and connectivity facilities.

Largest Township

The Prestige City is the largest township in the garden city ever. We all look for the best and bigger projects in the city. In that way, this Prestige City is the best and biggest property in the town.

Best Architecture

The property is been designed by leading design experts in the country. Thus the towers are robust and contemporary in design. These provide the best well lit and fresh air circulated units throughout the property.


Prestige Group always provides the best of it at reasonable pricing. This property is also been designed with the same concept. Thus this property is available at good pricing.

Low in Maintenance

The property is designed to have low maintenance charges. These are the monthly charges we will be paying every month. So the Prestige Group has well planned these charges with necessary steps to lower these recurring charges.

The Prestige City

Rich lifestyle with posh amenities and infrastructure

The Prestige City offers a superior lifestyle with its best infrastructure and posh amenities. The property has many stunning facilities like Small futsal court that would give us space to play with our small set of family or friends. There are many outdoor courts in the Prestige City that gives us ample physical and sport activity. The gymnasium in this property has world-class standards that would give us a good fitness routine.

The project has an excellent framework complying with the regulatory prerequisites like

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Sewage Treatment Plant

Outstanding resale value

We buy properties for future ventures. This venture is a successful one with plenty of benefits. So apparently we would get good returns while we sell or rent it out.

Various Housing Patterns

Being a township property there are many housing patterns in this Prestige City. they are Villas, apartments, and plots. There are 140 villas, 6000+ apartments and 808 plots. The Prestige City apartments have 3 towers namely

  • Prestige City Avalon Park
  • Prestige Eden Park
  • Prestige Aspen Greens

The Apartments are designed to have a strong structure. The villas are arranged to have a G+1 structure with 3 and 4 BHK. The Prestige City apartments have 1,2 and 3 BHK configurations.

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