80%+ Open Space The Prestige City Township Property

Space is anywhere a great thing to be considered. Though we love our family and friends still we look ahead for some space in life for ourselves. Wherein we could think, process and feel good during these own space which gives us lot of peace.

80%+ Open Space The Prestige City Township Property

In a city like Bangalore if open space is been offered is a great thing for us. Since here a small piece of land also costs a lot. As the development of the city is quite rapid. We all would unanimously agree with this. Because the city has tremendously grown over the decades. The enormous growth of the city has brought the highest influx population to the city. Hence the city was widely expanded and on the other side, the builders have sculptured redefined residential apartments for us. The property developers have redefined the space with many crucial elements which would ease us with utmost comfort, luxury, convenience and safety.

There are many primary elements offered for a serene living among those the open space offers us a lot of benefits and joy among us. Wherever we go if there is a sizeable open space we feel really good and better. Any mind blocks could even be removed with these ample open spaces. As these are great miss in the urban cities. That is why we all go for a vacation or look for a weekend gateway to loosen our minds. If we get a property that is over 80% open space and only 20% spent on the residential complexes. Isn't it a great thing or deal?

Yes!! We have an eminent property that has 80%+ open space just off Sarjapur Road. Yeah !! you guessed it right it's the Prestige Group township.

The Prestige City

A vast 180 acres of land parcel with different housing patterns are being designed in this The Prestige City township. Townships are generally a mixed set of properties with outstanding facilities and amenities arranged in this property. Thus there are the most demanding property types in the city. Hence the real estate giant Prestige Group has strategically designed this flawless Prestige City for us. As the developer has already developed some of the finest townships in the city this property would be a remarkable landmark in the region.

There are over 7000+ apartment units, 140+ villas, and 808 plots in the township. The designs of the Prestige City township are exceptional with perfect contemporary designs by leading architects in the country. Due to this all the units of the property are well lit and receive fresh air.

The spacing of the township is also well controlled by the eminent developer Prestige Group. Thus there is no wastage in space. This Prestige City township is a zero wastage space property. And hence we could save money as there is no space wastage to be paid. The developer has lavishly offered 50+ amenities in this project as this is a township project with numerous homes and patterns.

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