Best Area to Settle Down in Bangalore

Bangalore is a place of opportunities. Be it any sector the city offers abundant chances. The city is surprisingly proficient in all the sectors namely


  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Shopping
  • IT
  • Large scale Industries
  • Hospitality
  • Health care
  • Real estate

This makes the city growing rapidly across its horizons. This interesting part attracts many of the investors from outside and inside the country. The garden city is the favorite region of many potential investors. Bangalore witnesses many NRI investors and other states investors willingly putting their funds on Bangalore projects.

This is due to the long successful run of the IT sector and other industries. The city has grown exponential in the last decades. The proposed government and other industrial developments assure more growth of the city. So all the investors across the country confidently invest in Bangalore.

So if you are looking for a comfortable place to settle in Bangalore. You are one among the millions. You are on the right page. Bangalore is a city with high power. This would yield good return value, rentals, comfortable and luxurious living at reasonable prices.

Bangalore is widely split into 4 major parts namely

  • East Bangalore
  • North Bangalore
  • South Bangalore
  • West Bangalore

All the 4 parts of the city are quickly developing in their own way. The Predominant growth of real estate is in the East Bangalore region. It is due to the large IT hub in the area. Though these are on the outskirts of the city. The area is beautifully arranged with all essential services similar to the city. This makes the home buyers and investors look for properties on the outskirts of the city. There are many IT job opportunities, other industrial employments and business opportunities rolled out abundantly. This makes the people choose these areas to stay and settle near to the workplace. These areas also give redefined lifestyles with comfort and luxury elements. These are comparatively great to the city’s residential projects.

Precisely, East Bangalore’s suburbs namely

  • Whitefield
  • Sarjapur Road

These two areas have large IT hubs in them. Moreover, the suburbs are great in infrastructure and connectivity.

These suburbs have redefined residential segments that give great relief from stress and urban chaos.

Sarjapur Road

Sarjapur Road has outstanding connectivity among all other suburbs of East Bangalore. The region has close proximity to the long stretch outer ring road that finely connects all other IT corridors of the city. Additionally, these roads connect the locality with other major parts of the city. Finding such a seamless connectivity network in the city is much appreciable. This is one of the predominant reasons for the surge of Sarjapur Road in the real estate market.

The infrastructure of the suburb is luckily the best with great schools, educational institutes, healthcare providers, entertainment centres and shopping zones. Some of the good infrastructure facilities in the locality are mentioned below

  • Orchids International School
  • Floretz Academy Pvt Ltd
  • Oakridge International School
  • St. Peter's School
  • Columbia Asia Hospital
  • St. John's Medical College
  • Suwaranamukhi Hospital
  • Total Mall
  • The Forum Mall
  • Tibet Mall
  • Mantri Jupiter Mall
  • Gopalan Innovation Mall

Let’s go ahead and reveal the best comfortable area to settle down in Bangalore. The top area for comfortable living is Sarjapur Road.

We have also gone a step ahead and figured out the best and comfortable project in this comfortable location, Sarjapur Road.

It is the Prestige City.

The Prestige City

The Prestige City

The Prestige City is the prelaunch project situated off Sarjapur Road, East Bangalore. This project is the largest township project in the history of the garden city. The property is spread on 180+ acres with multiple housing patterns like

  • Villas
  • Apartments
  • Plots

There are spectacular 140 villas on the premises with a good G+1 structure. The muscular villas come with compact garden space. The spacing of the villas is finely done with ample space between each unit. The views are spectacular with broader and larger views.

There are over 6000+ apartments present in Presitge City. The apartment blocks are split into 2 different clusters namely

  • The Prestige City Avlonpark
  • The Prestige City Eden Park

These clusters are of high-class quality with robust structure. Thus these are the safest high rise buildings with great architecture.

Connectivity to Sarjapur Road

The plotted development in the township is called Prestige Great Acres. This cluster is spread on 80 acres of space with ideal plot sizes that best suit the creation of our dream homes. Prestige Great Acres is a rich plotted township with lavish amenities. The plots have been strategically developed with perfect sizes that are the best fit for our dream homes. The favourable sizes in this Prestige Great Acres are

  • 30*40 sq ft, 1200 sq ft
  • 40*60 sq ft, 2400 sq ft
  • 30*50 sq ft, 1500 sq ft
  • 60*80 sq ft, 4800 sq ft

The infrastructure of the Prestige City is well arranged with high class and advanced amenities in the premises. There are water treatment plants to purify the water and remove excess salt particles.

The solid waste management system that effectively segregates and processes the waste appropriately

Rainwater harvesting is an ecosystem that saves and utilizes water efficiently.

On the other part, the amenities in the Prestige City is astonishing with many striking features like

Small futsal court that gives us a great time well spent with our loved ones.

Basketball court to make the basketball enthusiasts dive into the sport

Spa and Sauna are the best part of these amenities that extensively cleanses our body and soul

Landscaped gardens arranged in the Prestige City are a visual treat for the resident throughout the lifetime.

The exquisite jogging/walking track makes us energetic with its look. This has a phenomenal look with wide gardens arranged surrounding the track.

The swimming pool is an all-time favourite for all age groups. That too in Prestige City there are exclusive pools designed for adults and kids.

There are many other interesting and fun filling features in the property. Come and do experience these wonders.

The massive clubhouse has many indoor activities arranged for all age groups. This keeps us engaged, happy and fulfilling all our leisure time.

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