Eminent Prestige Group property just beside the Sarjapur IT hub

Sarjapur is a crucial area in the city and is well known by most people. The region is rapidly developed as it is centrally located amid major areas of the city like Bellandur, Marthahalli, and Electronic City.

Eminent Prestige Group property just beside the Sarjapur IT hub

Sarjapur used to be a place for silk and muslin cloth. People who want this type of material used to visit this region and fetch all the required items. Later in the early 1990s, this area was focused on by the IT sector for its great atmosphere, ability to deliver rich infrastructure and connectedness.

After the inception of the IT sector in this Sarjapur Road, the area has obtained a higher position in the real estate sector for its vast available land parcel. This has made the commercial and residential projects spread in this region. All the richness of this Sarjapur Road has created a great demand for this area among other areas. The appreciation of land values is pretty higher for the same demanding reasons.

Sarjapur has a large IT hub and one more merit of this area is the close proximity to other IT hubs. This has made many home buyers and investors focus on this area for their fruitful investment purposes.

Now let’s go ahead and reveal the best eminent Prestige Group property just beside the prominent Sarjapur IT hub.

Prestige Group is the leading property developer in the city with consistent and unparalleled quality. The group is known for its trusted name which is a unique attribute carried by this pioneer Prestige Group.

The Prestige City

The Prestige City

This is a 180 acres township project which has different housing patterns just on a single premise. We could choose any type of property in favour of us. There are 7000+ apartment units, 140+ villas, and 808 plotted units in this eminent township. The design of this township is quite advanced with new technologies implemented and thus the designs are contemporary. The phenomenal designs are crafted by leading property developers in the country to offer us a flawless and rigid structure.

Thus all the units of the Prestige City township are well lit and blown with fresh air. The spacing of this elegant township is pretty effective as it's been well handled by the leading property developer Prestige Group. Thus there is no wastage of space in this township. The apartment segments are spread on 100 acres of space with 1,2 and 3 BHK configurations. The size range of the complex units ranges from 600sqft to 2900sqft.

The villa property looks gorgeous with a superior G+1 built-up structure and with copious 3 and 4 BHK homes. The Prestige City being a township property has been well developed with 50+ amenities with world-class standards. The Prestige Group has generously offered many thrilling features to offer us a great lifestyle with the highest comfort, convenience, luxury, and safety.

The locality of The Prestige City is yet another added credit to this investment as the area is much beneficial and demanding. The price factor is also appealing with reasonable pricing for these Prestige City units.

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