How Reliable are the Prestige Group Projects?

What is Reliability?

It is a matter of trusting any entity. This doesn’t come in at first glance. This happens when continuum trusted is being proved by the entity. In this fast pace world, relying on anyone or thing has become narrowed down.

We practically in life rely on how many people? Hardly, a small group of people. So this is an outstanding factor achieved by any entity.

In real estate, there is a widespread of builders in Bangalore. So to figure out the genuine builders in the city is a great challenge. There are some handpicked genuine property developers in the city.

Prestige Group Awards

Prestige Group is the leading reliable property developer in Bangalore. The company has got a unique selling proposition trusted name. This is due to their consistency in many outstanding aspects like

  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Excellent lifestyle
  • Best resale value
  • Litigation free property
  • Luxurious comfortable homes
  • Rich amenities
  • Reasonable pricing

Prestige Group is a renowned 35 years old company which is been head by Irfan Razack. Irfan Razack’s sister and brother take leads in the Prestige Group. Which makes the management empowered with many alluring aspects. The Prestige Group has over 2000+ employees who work on a customer-centric approach. The brand holds good on-time delivery records regularly on all the completed projects. The Prestige Group’s prime aim is to deliver outstanding quality. Thus there is no compromise done on this.

The brand has many customer-centric mottos that in turn pay back the brand with its prosperous customers. One such predominant motto is offering reasonable prices. This heritage Group finely executes this pricing factor so well. This makes the customers spread word of mouth to many other prospective customers.

The brand value of Prestige Group is overwhelming over the years. This is not a cakewalk or an overnight achievement. There is great teamwork and smart work involved in all the Prestige Group’s progress.

The company has many innumerable awards from many reputed bodies. Anyone asked to pick their desirable property group. Would unanimously choose Prestige Group. Because it’s only about quality and cost. The company takes additional steps to make the client happy throughout the property living. Thus would provide state of art amenities to keep their clients happy, fulfilled, safe in all their projects.

One such reliable property of this reliable Prestige Group is The Prestige City.

This is a vast 180 acres township property located off Sarjapur Road. The largest township of the city has many housing variants like

  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Plots

The apartments are categorized into towers namely Prestige City Avalon Park and Eden Park. There are over 6000+ apartments in this township. The plots are classified in a cluster named Prestige Great Acres, which shares 80 acres of the total 180 acres.

There are desirable plot sizes in the Prestige Great Acres cluster. They are

  • 30*40sqft
  • 40*60sqft
  • 30*50sqft

The space has been effectively utilized throughout the property. As usual, the amenities and the framework of this Prestige City are dumfounding.

1. Prestige Meridian Park

Prestige Meridian Park

Prestige Meridian Park is a new launch luxurious apartment segment in the largest townships of the city, The Prestige City. The eminent property is on 18.2 acres, and the total development size of the township is 180 acres. It is an excellent deal for us rather than buying any ordinary apartment segment. We will pay a similar amount; however, we get to relish the features of a beautiful township by buying this Prestige Meridian Park apartment unit. It has 16 towers and G+30 blocks with all exquisite 3 BHK homes. The size of the units ranges between 1387 sqft and 1865 sqft.

2. Prestige Eden Park

Prestige Eden Park

Prestige Eden Park is yet another fascinating property within the biggest townships of the city, The Prestige City off Sarjapur Road. The development size of the Prestige City is 180 acres, and this apartment cluster takes 9.7 acres of land parcel with copious 1 and 2 BHK homes. The size ranges from 634 sqft to 974 sqft. There are about 2217 units in Prestige Eden Park. The possession of this eminent property will start from May 2025 onwards.

3. Prestige Avalon Park

Prestige Avalon Park

Prestige Avalon Park is a stunning apartment segment arranged in the largest township in the city, The Prestige City township. The project is majestic, with seven towers and a built-up structure of B+G+29 floors. Can you imagine 950 units of striking 3 and 4 BHK sold in 6 months? Yes, this exquisite property is the fastest sold property in the city. The size of the units ranges from 1361sqft to 2290sqft. The possession of this eminent property will commence from May 2025.

4. Prestige Marigold

Prestige Marigold

Prestige Marigold is a new launch plotted development spread over 50+ acres of land located at Bettenahalli, North Bangalore.This new-launch plotted development is offering freehold residential plots ranging from 1200 - 4000 Sq Ft.

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