How would be life in Prestige City? Could we expect a peaceful living?

All of us look for a bright and good life. That’s the primary reason we invest. Though we shell out a sizeable amount towards the interest for the property. We still are comfortable as these properties are going to safeguard our future.

So while choosing or buying a property we need to be more watchful as these are one time investments. So many checks have to be performed before buying like the characteristics of the property developer, the location whereabouts, and future prospects.

Bangalore Investment

Because just in Bangalore we have been witnessing many bogus properties that loot all our money and then we get to know that there are some legal disputes. It shouldn’t be in our case. Hence do a proper scan of the property with the aid of the respective professionals(Lawyers).

Would you be glad if we reveal a property that complies with all regulatory standards and holds a clear title?

Hope you do !!

The Prestige City

This is a new launch property recently launched on 15th August 2021. The Prestige City is an eternal property with the largest townships in the city. This is located off Sarjapur Road, East Bangalore. This 180 acres land parcel are segregated into many housing forms like Villas, Plots & Apartmemnts.

The Prestige City is been defined with many noteworthy features that enhance the serene, fun, comfort and convenience and luxury of the end-users. The Prestige Group has obtained the designs of this huge property from the leading experts in the country. Thereby we have acquired all the units of the Prestige City with refreshing air and ample sunlight. The space of the project is also well handled with no wastage.

How would be life in Prestige City? Could we expect a peaceful living?

The Prestige City apartments have 3 towers with 1,2,3 BHK home that are arranged spacious and robust. There are over 7000+ apartments developed in 100 acres of land parcel with pretty good privacy. The 3 apartment towers in Prestige City are Prestige City Avalon Park, Eden Park, Prestige Aspen Greens.

The Villas here are 140 in number with a G+1 structure. The villa homes are super gorgeous with 3 and 4 BHK homes. We get an exclusive private garden with these posh villa units. Between each villa unit, there is ample space provided to offer a great extent of privacy to the dwellers.

The infrastructure and amenities of the Prestige City are designed with world-class standards to provide hassle-free, and serene living to the residents. The budget is also reasonable with ample facilities and luxury on the premises.

The location of this property is as extra Adhoc to this property as the value of this Sarjapur is increasing exponentially. The drive for this area is increasing day by day. For investors and homebuyers, this is the favourite residential destination. From Prestige City, all the essentials are in the vicinity like work, education, healthcare, entertainment and shopping.

Bangalore investment today yields good returns and profits. One can very readily invest in new projects. Also, any undertaking by a credible and famed builder is a sure shot and best deal.

Some of the pleasing facilities in the property are

  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Spa & Sauna
  • Kids Play Area

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