The best luxurious Villa property in Sarjapur, East Bangalore

Luxury become an integral part of our life. This is perfectly normal and we all deserve to have it in our life. We all go through many difficulties in life. So the home is the only place where we actually relax, have some peaceful time and enjoy our life. So these homes have to be more luxurious so that we can lead a comfortable, convenient and safer life. Since properties are going to be lifetime ones. We need to be more focused on its quality, facilities, features and amenities.

The best luxurious Villa property in Sarjapur

Especially when it comes to villas we would expect more luxury as the ambience needs more stuff to explore. Villas are basically the homes that are copious, spacious and these homes have considerable spacing between each villa thus none of the walls would be shared. And a perfect property type that offers us ample privacy.

East Bangalore is the most promising area in the city for various reasons like IT corridor, rapid growth, infrastructure and connectivity. The Sarjapur Road is the most efficient area in East Bangalore as this suburb has excellent essential facilities and the best connectivity.

If you are interested in villa properties you would want the best luxurious villa property in Sarjapur.

We have found the best-ranked villa property in East Bangalore for you

The Prestige City

First, in place, this is a township property spread on 180 acres land parcel with multiple property types like villas, plots and apartments. This biggest township in the city has various facilities and amenities present in the Prestige City property.

The Prestige City villas are super luxurious with 3 and 4 BHK homes which are super contemporary with G+1 architecture. The designs of the Prestige City township are well explicitly designed by leading architects in the country. This Prestige City villa comes with a private garden space where we could try some gardening stuff and make it beautiful. There are 140+ villas in the Prestige City township. There are various facilities in this township that are exciting and keep us delighted, engaged, constructive and safe.

The Prestige City township has 7000+ apartment units and 808 plots on the premises. The villa property architecture is enriched with contemporary designs and thus all the units of this property receive ample natural light and ventilation. The spacing of this property is well handled by the developer Prestige Group. Hence surprisingly there is no wastage in the whole 180 acres land extent. The developer Prestige Group doesn’t require any introduction as the Prestige Group has got a trusted name and thus are the top leading property developer in the city.

The Prestige Group always focus on the lifestyle of the home buyers and investors as they could stay healthy and happy. Hence this being a township property the developer has provided ample facilities to offer a superior lifestyle with enough comfort, convenience, safety and luxury.

Prestige Aspen Greens

Prestige Aspen Greens

Prestige Aspen Greens is a stunning villa segment arranged in the largest township in the city, The Prestige City township. The development size of the Prestige City is 180 acres, and this villa cluster takes 20.3 acres of land parcel with copious 4 BHK homes. The size ranges from 3344 sqft to 3612 sqft. There are about 149 units in Prestige Aspen Greens.

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