The Best Prospect Property in Sarjapur Road

Buying a property is a long time dream for many of us as these dreams have been imparted right from a young age. So we all would be having our own expectations of a dream home. Each one might have thought about different patterns of homes. One might look for classic theme homes. And others would look for a contemporary touch.

Thus current trends are for township properties as these have various patterns designed in them. These township properties are best preferred for

  • Great atmosphere with the best lifestyle
  • Spacious residential blocks and units
  • Superior Infrastructure
  • Richest amenities
  • Highest Resale value
  • Large land parcel

The best prospect property in Sarjapur Road

Investments are done for obtaining the best payback values. So we need to be looking for ways that would yield us the best results. How can we know or identify the best prospect property?

There are few simple ground rules or factors to be followed if we want to invest in the best ones in the city

  • Best builder property
  • Prominent location

These 2 are the best and foremost factors to be considered while buying a property. In this way, we could fix a beneficial property for us.

Here comes the best property in Sarjapur Road.

The Prestige City

This is a 180 acres largest township property in the city with different housing patterns. Prestige City has various clusters in it as there are different types of property patterns available. The apartments of Prestige City are developed on 3 gigantic towers like

  • Prestige City Avalon park
  • Prestige Eden Park
  • Prestige Aspen Greens

The apartment units are designed in preferred configurations like 1, 2 and 3 BHK. There are 7000+ apartments planned in this location. The Prestige City apartments look stunning with their good high rise building designs.

  • Prestige Meridian Park
  • Prestige Aston Park

The apartments units also have distinguished models like 1,2 and 3 BHK. There are about 7000+ apartments in this Prestige City. The choices in this property is abundant so we could decide from the whole lot. The villas in this Prestige City are over 140 in number with super gorgeous 3 and 4 BHK configurations with G+1 built structure. Private garden space is also furnished with the Prestige City Villas.

The Prestige City villas are 140 in number. And these look really gorgeous with 3 and 4 BHK homes with G+1 architecture.

The Prestige City

The Prestige City is outstandingly designed by leading architects in the country. So the units in the Prestige City are exceptionally designed to have fresh air, ventilated and breathtaking views. The views of this township have to be cited as each side has mesmerizing views. The one side of the Prestige City holds the view of low rise bungalows, the other with high rise buildings and the other side throws vacant plotted units.

The space of this Prestige City is well handled by the Prestige Group. Hence there is no wastage of space. The amenities in the property are exciting with many interesting features like

  • Children’s play area
  • Open-air theatre
  • Five-a-side football arena
  • Tennis and basketball courts
  • Party pavilion with stepped seating
  • Jogging Track

There are many more amenities awaiting you on the premises.

The property location is an additional asset that would keep us happy, comfortable convenient and luxurious. The framework of this locality is brilliant and connectivity is outstanding.

The pricing of Prestige City is also quite reasonable.

1. Prestige Meridian Park

Prestige Meridian Park

Prestige Meridian Park is a new launch luxurious apartment segment in the largest townships of the city, The Prestige City. The eminent property is on 18.2 acres, and the total development size of the township is 180 acres. It is an excellent deal for us rather than buying any ordinary apartment segment. We will pay a similar amount; however, we get to relish the features of a beautiful township by buying this Prestige Meridian Park apartment unit. It has 16 towers and G+30 blocks with all exquisite 3 BHK homes. The size of the units ranges between 1387 sqft and 1865 sqft.

2. Prestige Eden Park

Prestige Eden Park

Prestige Eden Park is yet another fascinating property within the biggest townships of the city, The Prestige City off Sarjapur Road. The development size of the Prestige City is 180 acres, and this apartment cluster takes 9.7 acres of land parcel with copious 1 and 2 BHK homes. The size ranges from 634 sqft to 974 sqft. There are about 2217 units in Prestige Eden Park. The possession of this eminent property will start from May 2025 onwards.

3. Prestige Avalon Park

Prestige Avalon Park

Prestige Avalon Park is a stunning apartment segment arranged in the largest township in the city, The Prestige City township. The project is majestic, with seven towers and a built-up structure of B+G+29 floors. Can you imagine 950 units of striking 3 and 4 BHK sold in 6 months? Yes, this exquisite property is the fastest sold property in the city. The size of the units ranges from 1361sqft to 2290sqft. The possession of this eminent property will commence from May 2025.

Prestige Group is the most celebrated city developer with some of the best residential masterpieces. The Prestige City is yet another premium township that slated to offer only the best living luxury for the home buyers.

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