What is the scorching Prestige Group project in Bangalore?

We all wish to buy and live in a blazing project. As these would give us a feeling of fulfilment. A project blazes only if it has numerous outstanding features or benefits. In the competitive market especially in a city like Bangalore. The builders have to follow a tremendous process to sustain the position and market in the real estate industry.

Prestige Group is the top scorching property developer in the city. This group is a 35-year-old company with promising values and a legacy. The Prestige Group is led by Irfan Razack and their family members. The real estate giant has witnessed successful projects in diversified portfolios like

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Leisure
  • Educational
  • Hospitality

Prestige Apartments

The Prestige Group has successfully completed 247+ projects in the country and is operational in many leading cities. The brand is recognized in many unique ways.

The company is called Pride of South India. The Prestige Group is uniquely known for its trusted name. The company has 45+ ongoing projects.

The Prestige City is the upcoming scorching project in Bangalore. The biggest township property of 180 acres land parcel. There are many housing patterns like villas, apartments and plots. There are 140 splendid villas, 6000+ apartments and 808 plot units in the property. Prestige City has many clusters like

Prestige Great Acres, the 80 acres plotted development in the Prestige City township.

  • Prestige Avalon Park
  • Prestige Eden Park
  • Prestige Aspen Greens

All the clusters and throughout the property the designs are developed by leading designers in the country. The designs are rigid and thus the property structure is robust. There is 1,2,3 BHK pattern unit available in Prestige City. The villas are luxurious with G+ 1 structure and a private garden. The Prestige City villas are magnificent with 3 BHK and 4 BHK configurations.

The plotted development (Prestige Great Acres) has been brightly designed with ideal plot sizes suitable for any form of residential property. Such as

  • 30*40sqft
  • 40*60sqft
  • 40*60sqft

The internal roads of Prestige City are 9m and 12m respectively. These broader roads are convenient for a good carriageway. Two cars can simultaneously travel in this driveway.

The Prestige City

We should be definitely mentioning about the brilliance of the project. The townships are more preferred by many of the home buyers and investors. Thus there is a surge for these township projects in the real estate market. And especially this largest township of the city has a long wait by many of the investors. The pricing is another stunning element of the property providing good affordable rates. So people who are in buying phase now could well make use of this property. Prestige City has a solid waste management system to properly channelize the waste materials. This helps greatly in saving our ecosystem. The rainwater harvest in the premises strategically stores and saves the natural rainwater. This water is utilized by the Prestige City for household purposes.

This scorching property is well located off Sarjapur Road. This is a great potential locality in the city.

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