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First, let’s clear the misinterpretation of the term USP. It is the unique selling proposition of the product. Unique selling proposition is the term that describes how the product is different from the Competitors.

It is not measured in terms of quality or money. These days to sustain the competitive market, most of the products deliver quality.

But this USP is the strategy used for marketing the products. It describes how the product is superior to others in the market.

USP is one of the significant factors to retain in the market.

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To make it more Precise, there are many online e-commerce stores available. But there are only a few who has 30 Day Returns. This is one of the pleasing factors in the customer’s point of view. And they come up spontaneously to order from this site compared to other e-commerce platforms. This USP drives their sales Rapidly.

Prestige Groups USP are

  • Building trust on Space
  • Outstanding Aftersales Support
  • A community that gives QualityLifestyle

USP of a Township Project

Township is similar to Group Housing in some terms. Let’s quickly refine the terms.

Group Housing: This housing style offers Cluster Living Space with limited amenities in the gated community.

Township: These projects will always be larger. With basic amenities, it will have many more giant amenities like Schools, Banks, Shopping Malls, Restaurants inside the premises.

Some older Townships in the city are

  • Jeevan Bhima Nagar
  • BEML Layout

Recently our Karnataka State Government has Proposed a New Township Development in Banglaore near Jigani. Here is the detailed link

The USP of a Township should be

Inventive Infrastructure: Why do we cautiously choose a location while investing?? It’s mainly for infrastructure and connectivity.

In a township, these infrastructures are inbuilt. Services such as

  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Shopping Complex
  • Parks
  • Cricket Net
  • Badminton/Basket Ball Court

In our bustling hustling life, we do not want our time to be spent travelling. These services at our doorsill save our time and energy. Simultaneously we want our children to be safe and easily monitored. Have you heard this?? The Prestige Township has got advanced features like Artificial Intelligence and Sensors in required places.

This creates comfort for adults, kids, and the elderly.

Superior Amenities: We all are now used to luxurious amenities from the time-gated community evolved.

High Quality and Low Maintainance: Providing additional services shouldn’t be compromising the quality. None of us would be happy with low quality. The Townships are well planned and designed with the assistance of the best architects so that they deliver quality projects.

Townships are cluster living space; hence maintenance would be affordable.

Comfort and Healthy LifeStyle: The group of people looking for Township projects would looking for an extra cosy and comfortable life. In Townships, maintenance is taken care of in common. So there is no agony in maintaining activities.

Besides, the amenities such as yoga and meditation track, jogging track, Spa and sauna, Senior citizen zone, Billiards court, Table Tennis sport keep us active and healthy.

These projects are best fit for people looking for a comfortable lifestyle, NRI’s want safe homes for their elderly parents, a spouse who frequently travel abroad, or families with spouse staying abroad. Ultimately we want our loved ones to be in a safer and better place.

Premier Delivery and Aftersale Support: In the competitive world, enormous businesses are establishing every day. The importance is for sustainability and consistency.

The Township developer needs to continuously work on this aspect to retain the market name.

If these constraints are fulfilled perhaps, you can choose the property.

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